Passive line preamplifier Cuculo-att

What is a Cuculo series?

Cuculo series derives from the cuckoo played by a clarinet of Beethoven's symphony No.6. Cuculo series is the peripheral device. I combine a Cuculo series with a Raicho series and have the quality which is just used and the design. A Cuculo series has the width of the 119mm. For a Cuculo series,there are no screws in a front, a surface and a side.

Reliable parts used in measuring instruments

The volume control 23-contact rotary switch uses the reliable switch used for measuring instruments. The contact resistance is lower than that of a general switch, Since there is little distortion, it is possible to switch without damaging minute signals.

Input impedance: 50KΩ Type A

Cuculo-att is not a "dB step" attenuator. Cuculo-att is a sound pressure curve (type A) that humans naturally feel. Also, the input impedance of many attenuators is 10-20KΩ, while the input impedance of Cuculo-att is 50KΩ. This is equivalent to a typical preamp.

Made in Japan

For example, the original print board designed in us is made in a cooperation factory of Ogaki-shi.
"Toyota LEXUS" and "super express Shinkansen train" produces the printed circuit boards in this factory.

Top panel: Natural stone

Top panel: Natural stone "Emerald Pearl"(made in Norway)


Model name : Cuculo-att
Type : passive line preamplifier
Inputs : 4xRCA unbalanced inputs (impedance 50KΩ)
Outputs : 1xRCA unbalanced outputs
Dimensions : W119mm x H70mm x D196mm
Level adjustment : 0 to -∞ dB (23 steps)

U.S. audio magazine review

Musica was published in the audio magazine stereotimes. Reviewed by Mr.Greg Voth.
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Passive line preamplifier Cuculo-att
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