Vacuum tube buffer Cuculo-tube

What is a Cuculo series?

Cuculo series derives from the cuckoo played by a clarinet of Beethoven's symphony No.6. Cuculo series is the peripheral device. I combine a Cuculo series with a Raicho series and have the quality which is just used and the design. A Cuculo series has the width of the 119mm. For a Cuculo series,there are no screws in a front, a surface and a side.

Ignoring impedance matching increases loss

Since the output impedance of a general preamplifier is about 1 kiloohm and the input impedance of a power amplifier is 47 kiloohms, the loss due to impedance mismatch is 2.1%. If you use Cuculo-tube between the preamp and the power amp, the loss will be 0.21%. Ignoring impedance matching rather increases loss.

Vacuum tube buffer circuit

Cuculo-tube uses a tube buffer circuit. The tube is a low μ triode 12AU7 and the European name is ECC82. It features dynamic and low noise. The powerful bass and overtones peculiar to vacuum tubes are beautiful.

Top panel: Natural stone

Top panel: Natural stone "Emerald Pearl"(made in Norway)

Made in Japan

For example, the original print board designed in us is made in a cooperation factory of Ogaki-shi.
"Toyota LEXUS" and "super express Shinkansen train" produces the printed circuit boards in this factory.


Model name : Cuculo-tube
Type : Vacuum tube buffer
Vacuum tube : 12AU7
Frequency Response : 2Hz-200KHz
Inputs : 1 X RCA input(line)
Outputs : 1 X RCA output(line)
Dimensions : W119mm H70mm D196mm
Power Requirements : 100-240v ac