Moonlight concert
It is a concert held in Ogaki-city, Japan in autumn every year. Every year, the music of a different genre is enjoyed for nothing.

The 9th time was performed on October 15, 2011. 2012 [ 10th ] is due to be performed on October 13.

The program of the Gifu FM broadcast "MUSICA and ANALOG DISC"

It broadcasts by the Gifu FM broadcast from 18:30 on Monday every week. Music is played with an analog record. It talks about a pleasant audio. (from September, 2008)

Visual show "MUSICA and ANALOG DISC"

"MUSICA and ANALOG DISC" performs a visual show. The demonstration of an analog disk is performed.

200 times commemoration "MUSICA and ANALOG DISC"

On August 6, 2012, "MUSICA and ANALOG DISC" attained 200 times.

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