Musica corporation has developed many audio components since the establishment in 2005.
We have done our best in improvement in sound quality, and an appearance design,
simplicity and original.
The history of Musica products is published.

From 2005 to 2007

Acoustic conditioner asc100

It is a product of the beginning of Musica.

An acoustic conditioner means a parametric equalizer.
The "half size component" was born.
(217 mm of breadth)
Electronic Crossover Network

The frequency setting of 17 points from 50 Hz to 13 kHz

From 2005 to 2009

Headphone amplifier hpa1000

Conditions required for headphone amplifier are a low noise, an amplification circuit of high speed, and a dynamic sound.
These of conditions are the same as it of a preamplifier.And headphone amplifier with a lineout was developed. The headphone amplifier which can be used as a preamplifier is a new idea.

Integrated amplifier int200
A vacuum tube appears from a left window. Analog meter is installed in the right window.The knobs of both ends are an input selector and volume control.

Integrated amplifier int40
40-series is the product which introduced the concept of an "element."
By an analog disk, phono amplifier is required, and if PC audio is enjoyed, USB-DAC will be required.
In 40 series, a required audio system is built combining the "element" of a single function.Therefore, breadth is made small and it is designed to use five sets for a standard rack, arranging on it.

power amplifier pow1000mono

Class A 100 W monoblock amplifier.
The front panel used the rosewood panel of the lofty peak musical instrument of the guitar maker in same Gifu Prefecture as Musica. This panel is the same material as what is used for an acoustic guitar.

From 2007

Integrated amplifier int30

The color of 30-series is a snowy color.
Some special models exist in 30 series.
The following photograph is the special model to which Miss Asada designed appearance.

From 2010

Integrated amplifier "Raicho"

Aiming at an ultimate compact amplifier Raicho was developed for an ultimate compact size amplifier to enjoy music in a minimum space, on a sideboard, in a book shelf, etc with a high power (50W/channel) to drive low impedance speakers powerfully.
To eliminate unnecessary vibrations, a top board and a separate insulation under-board made of black granite (13mm thickness) are equipped with. The front panel is made from a solid block of aluminum.

pri-amplifier pri60
To avoid influences by magnetism, the chassis is made fully from non-iron materials The color of 60-series is "shingetsu"(Black like a dark night).

From 2012

power amplifier "iris"

“Iris” series is Musica’s first fully tube based power amplifier. It is said that the sound of tubeamp is powerful and warm, but less speed and the frequency range is narrow.
“Iris” series amp was designed with up-to-date circuits with up-to-date electronic components, as we consider a vacuum tube as the best amplification element to enjoy up-to-date music, but not a Nostalgic device.

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