Ogaki-city is located in the northwest area of the Nobi Plain in Gifu Prefecture and is known as being the most centrally-located city in Japan.

Our company is located in one corner of a vast plain, and, close, big rivers, such as Kisogawa, Nagara-gawa, and Ibigawa, are flowing through it. The altitude of our company is only 3 m. There is very beautiful Mt.Yoro in the west side.

The tradition of Yoro Falls
There is a very famous waterfall in Mt.Yoro.According to "Jikkinsyo" (written in A.D.1252)
There were parent and child of poor Lumberjack. The father was weak.There was the smell of wine from the waterfall, while the child was walking along the mountain one day.
And,the water was changing to wine.The child gave his father this alcohol every day.Then, the father got well from illness.
The 44th Emperor Gensyo (reign A.D.715- 724 / Today's Emperor Akihito is the 125th Emperor.) received the report about the waterfall.and Emperor visited here in A.D.717. Emperor named this waterfall "Yoro"

The flower blossomed to "Chionanthus retusus" at our factory. This special tree blooms only around our company even in Japan. It was specified as endangered species.

In Japan, June is a rainy season. The flower of the hydrangea bloomed to our factory.

There is a kumquat tree in our factory. "Longhorn beetle" came there.

The rich rice field spreads out around our factory.

The flower of a camellia blooms in our factory.

Much snow falls. Occasionally, it may exceed 1 meter.

The tradition of Mt.Ibuki

There is a tradition in Mt.Ibuki(alt.1377m) near our company.
The 12th Emperor  Keikou's (reign A.D.71-130) son had a military man called Yamatotakeru.(Today's Emperor Akihito is the 125th Emperor.) Yamatotakeru was the hero who subjugated the mutineer.

He left many distinguished services.Yamato Takeru next went to Shinano、where he conquered the deity of Shinano Pass. Then he returned to Ohari and married Princess Miyazu. Once they were united, he left the sword Kusanagi at her house and set out to conquer the deity of Mount Ibuki. He wanted to defeat the deity with his hands.
 As he made his way up the mountain, he came face to face with a white boar as big as a cow. This boar was in fact the deity of Mount Ibusuki, But Yamato Takeru, thinking it was only a messenger of the deity, spoke directly to the boar , saying:
 "I will not kill you now, but upon my return."
 As he continued up the mountain, the deity caused a great storm to blow. The storm was so violent that it clouded Yamato Takeru's mind.
 After resting at a spring, he trudged on to Tagi plain. He was exhausted, and his legs were trembling. He walked ever more slowly, and before long he needed a staff to keep from falling down.
 Finally he reached the Cape of Otsu. A lone pine tree still stood at the spot where he had stopped to eat once before. A sword he had left behind at that time was also there. Seeing this, Yamato Takeru sang a song.
               Straight across from
               Ohari, you stand alone
               My brother !
               O lonely pine tree !
               If you were a man like me,
               I would gird you with a sword.
               O lonely pine tree,
               My brother !
 From there he proceeded to Mie, arriving so exhausted he could scarcely walk.
And finally he reached Nobo Plain, where he was to breathe his last.
 Lying down, he remembered his home and this song :
               Yamato is
               The most excellent of lands ;
               Layer on layer,
               Like green hedges,
               The mountains enfold it.
               How beautiful is Yamato !
Again he sang :
               From the direction
               Of my dear, beloved home,
               Clouds arise and come this way.
After singing these and other songs, Yamato Takeru died.

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